My Child's Dream

Yesterday all our family visited the "Tutankhamen and the Golden Age of pharaohs" exhibition. I am impressed till now.
I took a great interest in books about Tutankhamen even in my childhood. Since then I remembered names of his father and his mother-in-law (!). All the more at home we had a plaster copy of Nefertiti’s head (exactly she was Tutankhamen’s mother-in-law).
Since my childhood I dreamed to see these artifacts. And finally my dream has come true. However, the well-known mask of the pharaoh has not been brought here, but those things that have been exposed have appeared to be more than enough to name this exhibition outstanding.
I am very happy that I had this possibility to visit this exhibition because my children's dream has come true: to see with my own eyes the treasure which should accompany youth-pharaoh to the nether world. And there is no for some reason any feeling of spiritual bankruptcy which, apparently, should come when the dream comes true.
I am simply glad. And probably, I’m even happy.


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