It would be really great!

It is so good that mothers exist in the word! My mother is a very kind and careful person. Many thanks to her for everything!
After reading this blog I feel so good!
It would be great if tomorrow all kind people would become rich, and all cheery people – healthy. It would be really great!
And everything in our life would be simple and clear.



I wish to send my best to my friend to wish him to have a good trip. Today he flies away for some days.
God, keep all people from everything bad. We think of our friends and relatives so rare now! I’ve just called to my mother - she is ill. But I cannot help her, except for saying a kind word. We live so far from each other.....


My Child's Dream

Yesterday all our family visited the "Tutankhamen and the Golden Age of pharaohs" exhibition. I am impressed till now.
I took a great interest in books about Tutankhamen even in my childhood. Since then I remembered names of his father and his mother-in-law (!). All the more at home we had a plaster copy of Nefertiti’s head (exactly she was Tutankhamen’s mother-in-law).
Since my childhood I dreamed to see these artifacts. And finally my dream has come true. However, the well-known mask of the pharaoh has not been brought here, but those things that have been exposed have appeared to be more than enough to name this exhibition outstanding.
I am very happy that I had this possibility to visit this exhibition because my children's dream has come true: to see with my own eyes the treasure which should accompany youth-pharaoh to the nether world. And there is no for some reason any feeling of spiritual bankruptcy which, apparently, should come when the dream comes true.
I am simply glad. And probably, I’m even happy.



It’s the middle of the winter. Boredom!
I’d like to leave somewhere to a beautiful place and to have a run on a worm sand.



It appears the wave of the Reds’ protest is rising in USA! They are against the policy of the authorities in relation to them. The Indians even captured some cities.
But for a while USA special bodies cope with this trouble for the country. Interestingly, how much time they will be able to supervise the situation?
Now it is clear why Americans spend so much money for the outer space exploration.
They want to escape and as far as possible!!!



It seems to me, that the most interesting place in the world now is China. They are preparing for the Olympiad so hard that it will be no wonder if next Olympiad will be spent also there.
China develops economically so improbably quickly. Recently there were no cars at all, but now I see so many Chinese cars in our city! One my friend even has bought such car. Of course he swears strongly at it, but I think that they will very quickly learn how to do good cars, not worse than German or Japanese.
It is a pity, that there is few interesting information about China and I don’t have any friend who would live there. I think that the country with such rich history can change much in our life. For example, the Chinese medicine could compete with our, habitual. This can be not only their teas, but also real exercises of yoga and massage. I would try this with pleasure.




As I know, in those places this is quite a usual means of transport. :):)



I’ve been there. My camera has spoiled all photos. It is a vexing! This can be just a device’s breakage or kind of power. Without all those pyramids and television showing permanently telecasts about pharaohs there were no such crowds of tourists. There is nothing to watch there second time.


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It would be really great!
It is so good that mothers exist in the word! My mother...
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I wish to send my best...
I wish to send my best to my friend to wish him to...
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My Child's Dream
Yesterday all our family visited the "Tutankhamen and...
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It’s the middle...
It’s the middle of the winter. Boredom! I’d...
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It appears the wave of...
It appears the wave of the Reds’ protest is rising...
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